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I can’t find 2 people to be in a CLU with me.  Where should I look?

It can be very challenging to find people who aren’t in your everyday circle already and get started in a CLU.  There are probably people in your community that can facilitate this.  Your preacher, a lay leaders, or Sunday School teacher are some examples of people who may be able to help you find people to be in your CLU.  Don’t give up, just like bees have to search for that perfect flower, every person you have suggested won’t be perfect for a CLU with you.

Do we all need to be of similar personalities for our CLU to work?

No, in fact some variety is a good thing.  Mixing up extroverts and introverts can create an atmosphere that creates strong bonds.  An extrovert may need to learn to stop talking and not share so much.  An introvert may need open up and share more about their needs, joys, and sorrows.  Keeping people with different jobs, family situations, and even churches can help your CLU work to create a loving environment.

What if my group isn’t working out?

It is okay to consider leaving a group.  If you feel uncomfortable or are not feeling loved and supported then it may be ideal for you to seek another CLU.  The CLU must help all of its members experience love.  If someone doesn’t fit or the group dynamics are wrong by all means please search out another group to form a new CLU.

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Remember to keep your CLU focused on the Timeless Values of the Faith to have the best success in experiencing love like Christ desires for us.


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