A CLU is a Christlike Love Unit!

Creating these units is one of the dreams Bishop King has for Christians seeking to grow.  The current challenge is for the South Georgia Annual Conference to form 900 CLU’s during 2013.  Bishop King has challenged each district to form 100 CLU’s.  “We all need love,” says Bishop King, “We not only need love as a one-time experience, we need Christlike love as an ongoing experience.”

The creation of these loving units is a opportunity for newcomers and those who are not active in your church to be drawn into the fellowship and growth experienced through the love of Jesus Christ.

It is that ongoing love that can be found through a CLU that you become involved in regularly.  Each CLU should work to provide a Christlike experience where love is shared through support and encouragement.  The CLU members must strive to become connected to nurture each other by practicing or inquiring about the 10 timeless values of faith.

The group is encouraged to gather each week in a one hour CLU meeting.  The goal is to meet with all members of your group at least 42 times per year.   During this time a disciple can practice the values of fellowship, prayer, scripture, and fasting with support from those in their CLU.

The idea is that a very small group will create an invitational experience that is both loving and positive.

Order the book, by clicking here, to find out more and learn the full system.



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Got the CLU book…what a wonderful Christmas surprise from two of our favorite people, James and Rose King…..beautiful people to say the least. Blessings.