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How to Form a CLU, a Christlike Love Unit.

It is time to start looking around for people who might be in your CLU.  Here are some guidelines to help you be successful.

Guidelines about size and membership

  • 3-4 persons – great results
  • 5-6 persons – good results
  • 7 persons and above – temporary (subdivide to adequately listen to each person)
  • CLUs are also for older children (9- 12-years old) and youth.

Guidelines about your time together

  • Begin and focus your self by turning off distractive devices like cell phones, computers, and phones.
  • Open with a time of prayer to clear your thoughts and bring your focus to Godly things.
  • Each member of a CLU should be given the time to share a joy and/or sorrow.
  • Location of your meeting should be flexible – phone, home, in person, coffee house, church, etc.
  • Meet when it is best for CLU members.  But make sure the meeting is set aside for 1 hour per week.


  1. CLUs are a particular kind of fellowship. CLUs are honeycombs filled with Christlike love.  People are drawn to love like bees to honey.
  2. A loaner is someone who is loaned out to start a new CLU. After six months to one year, a loaner is someone who is temporarily sent out to start a new CLU.  This only requires two hours a week – one hour in a new CLU and one hour in their home CLU.
  1. CLUs have a strong evangelistic component. This is one of the best places to invite potential newcomers.
  1. In thinking about what to share in your CLU ask yourself, “What would I talk to Jesus about and what would Jesus talk to me about?” Respect the confidential nature of all conversations. Avoid language/conversations that divide. No competitive bragging, politics, fraternities, sororities, etc.

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